Monday Musings

Happy Monday! Here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts and other continuing ed. Enjoy!

hello monday

  1. In-season I have a hard time understanding why team lifts last any longer then 45 minutes, especially if you are getting a group after practice. If the team is coming in warmed up, anything longer then 30-40 minutes screams that you are either doing way to much or aren’t extremely inefficient in what you are doing.
  2. “Complacency kills more careers then anything else.” – Fergus Connolly. Spot on!
  3. Pete Dupuis was recently on Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation Podcast and spoke a lot on niche’s, something he would know a lot about being a co-owner of Cressey Performance, with their huge baseball population. Pete said something along the lines of ‘don’t run from a niche, go after a niche’ which I think is great advice. If you are passionate about a specific subject, instead of running from it, own it and make yourself an authority on that subject.
  4. Meet as many people as you can that are smarter then you. Get into rooms with people that are smarter then you. Learn from all these people that are smarter then you – in the long run you’ll be much better off as a result of these smart people.

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