Hockey Thoughts Day 1: Contrast Training

In-Season Hockey 🏒Training Thoughts 💭Day 1 of 10 (or maybe 15, we’ll see 🤷‍♂️)

💥Contrast/Complex Training for Power Development💥

In-season this year our Wednesday lift has included a heavy dose of contrast/complex training (pairing a biomechanically similar strength exercise with a power exercise) to increase power development.

We’ve performed a lot of different combos over the last 4-6 months, here are a few 👇
💥 Trap Bar DL ➡️ Jump Squat
💥 Chin Up ➡️ Overhead Slam
💥 Sled March ➡️ Timed 10’s
💥 Alternating DB Bench ➡️ Partner Chest Pass

Though we still focus on developing strength (our Monday lift is much more strength focused) a main of ours this year has been to develop the most powerful, most explosive, and fastest hockey players we can, not necessarily developing the strongest players we can.

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