Hockey Thoughts Day 2: Sagittal Plane Lower Body Strength Training

A few weeks back I posted something about how we program sagittal based med ball work in-season, staying away from rotational work due to the demands of the sport (i.e. shooting a puck).

Our lower body training is no different. Our goal off the ice is to fill the buckets that aren’t filled in sport, knowing the continually stressing the same movements or movement pattern over and over again is flirting with an overuse injury.

What we know ➡️ skating is a frontal plane movement (yes, that’s overly simplistic) so we don’t program any frontal plane strength work in-season.

A Skater Squat is a perfect example of the thought process. Though almost all our lower body training is single leg in-season, which does require stability in various planes, the movements are essentially sagittal plane movements.

✅ Skater Squat, Split Squat variations, 1-Leg Squat, 1-Leg RDL, Sled Marches, Linear based plyometric Work, etc.

❌ Lateral Squats, Sled Crossover, Slideboard Work, Lateral Bound, etc.

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