Hockey Thoughts Day 3: Rowing for Shoulder Health

In-Season Hockey 🏒Training Thoughts 💭Day 3

💥 More Rowing for Shoulder Health 💥

🗣 The scapular stabilizers are the most important muscles for protecting the shoulder — Zach Dechant

Really simple thought ➡️ hockey players tend to have pretty cranky shoulders. The position that skating places you in, bent over with the shoulders rolled forward, adds up over the course of a season to some potentially poor posture.

Because of that we make sure to have close to a 2:1 pull to press ratio throughout the course of the in-season period (all year really) with our upper body training, with a large amount of that pulling being focused on rowing.

More Rowing + Less Pressing/More Shoulder Friendly Pressing = Healthy Shoulders (🤞)

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