Hockey Thoughts Day 4: Train Across the Entire Force-Velocity Curve

Hockey is a sport that’s all about speed and power — and we spend a lot of our training time continually trying to develop the quality no matter the time of the year. The reality for us is that we are more concerned with being the fastest and most powerful team in the league, and not overly concerned with being the strongest team in the league.

Each and every lift in-season we try to touch on all ends of the force-velocity curve, even if it’s just a small amount, by training power with different loads through various degrees of velocity, just like we would in the off-season. We try to develop more power via numerous different modalities.

✅ We sprint because it is without a doubt the fastest thing we can do in the weight room — and no one will ever be too fast
✅ We perform bodyweight power through various jumps/plyos
✅ We throw med balls for what we would consider ‘light implement’ power
✅ We perform ‘heavy implement’ power through jump squats, hang cleans, Landmine split jerks and other similar movements

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