Loaded Jumps for Power Output and Shoulder Health?

Quick 💭 👉 I am a huge fan of loaded jumps for power output for hockey, especially in-season because they are easy to teach, are simple to learn and result in complete triple extension majority of the time. But the biggest reason…

Shoulder Health ‼️➡️ We know hockey players present some issues from a shoulder health standpoint. We know a movement like the Hang Clean requires a decent amount of shoulder internal rotation (otherwise you see the bar drifting away from the body) and external rotation (catch position) to perform correctly. We know it takes a ton of shoulder mobility to get into the correct finish position for a Hang Snatch. But Loaded Jumps place very little stress on the shoulder complex 👉 they are an extremely simple way to give the shoulder complex a little bit of a rest from the demands from a long hockey season.

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