Primarily 1-Leg Strength Work?

A few days back I touched on how we perform more sagittal plane (really non-frontal plane work to be specific) in-season to try to create more balance across the hips with all the skating that they do. But we also almost exclusively perform 1-Leg Lower Body work in-season for a couple reasons

  1. Spending too much time training bilateral strength and not requiring the hip stabilizers to stabilize in all three planes has the tendency to lead to potential imbalances of the hip abductors/adductors ➡️ 1-Leg training will help train those smaller hip stabilizers in a functional way
  2. Charlie Weingroff’s concept of ‘Lowest System Load’ ➡️ heavy, two leg lifting is a great way to really stress the system — which is probably isn’t something we want to do in-season. We can probably get the same strength benefits from single leg training without putting nearly the load on the system — seems like a no-brainer
  3. 1-Leg Work arguably and probably has more carryover to the sport of ice hockey and/or skating. General in the off-season, specific during the in-season.

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