Hockey Thoughts Day 7: Continually Developing Speed and Acceleration

Anyone that follows me know that I’ve talked a lot about speed and acceleration the last 6-8 months, but I think it’s incredibly important in developing hockey players. Strength coaches will spend time developing strength year round but won’t spend the time to develop speed which to me makes no sense…no one is ever TOO fast, which is why we train the quality consistently in-season.

What really separates players on the ice is their ability to explosively accelerate ➡️ who can gain the most distance in a short period of time to get to loose pucks, catch an opposing player on a backcheck, or the ability to jump up into a play and turn a 2 on 2 into a an odd man rush — so why would we stop trying to train that quality??

Additional Benefit #1: It’s also a great way to get hockey players into hip extension, something they always need more of.

Additional Benefit #2: Though it is rare in hockey, there is some research (Freeman etc al. 2018) showing that sprinting is key for both ⬆️ sprint performance (obviously) but also ⬇️ in hamstring injury risk.

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