Complementary Training with Hockey Players

One thing we’ve tried to do this year is focus our daily training, trying to get our speed, plyo/jump, power and strength work all complementing one another each day that we train. It’s also really nice when you see great coaches like @dmcconnell29 doing something somewhat similar. What we are currently doing.

Monday (Day 1): More of a strength or ‘force’ day where we are either having to create more force or longer impulse. Examples of what we are doing ⬇️

💥 Speed: Sled Sprints 💨
💥 Plyo/Jump: Seated Box Jumps, Band Resisted Broad Jumps, 1-Leg Linear Hurdle Hops, etc
💥 Power: Trap Bar Jump Squats
💥 Strength Training: Standard strength training. Also the day we will place any exercises that may cause soreness the following days, like RFE Split Squats or 1-Leg RDL’s

Wednesday (Day 2): More or a Speed/Power or ‘dynamic’ day where everything is done faster and shorter impulse. Examples of what we are doing ⬇️

💥 Speed: Timed 10’s
💥 Plyo/Jump: Depth Drop to Box Jump, Continuous Hurdle Jumps, etc
💥 Power: Hang Clean, DB Snatch, etc
💥 Strength Training: More speed-strength type work where we’ve been using a lot of contrast/complex training. Also the day we will place strength work that has little chance of creating soreness like a Sled March.

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