Random Thoughts: February Edition

Another month, another post full of random thoughts that have been going through my head. Hope it sparks a little thought in people and you enjoy! Random Thoughts Pic

  1. Lot of debate lately on uni-lateral vs. bilateral lower body strength training. I lean towards uni-lateral but we also perform bilateral lifts. Its not an all or nothing, its about developing a well rounded performance program.
  2. All great strength coaches are thieves. They steal anything great they can find from other coaches and then apply it to their own program.
  3. Vertical pulling movements need to be pushed just as hard as you are pushing your pressing movements. Critical for shoulder health.
  4. “Powerlifters are athletes, but athletes aren’t powerlifters.” – Mike Boyle
  5. Transfer is the name of the game when it comes to the weight room.
  6. “Rule #1 of coaching: don’t hurt your client/athlete.” – Dr. John Rusin
  7. Nothing comes close to sprinting when it comes to load on hamstrings. A great way to keep hamstrings healthy.
  8. “With confidence you believe you can overcome your weaknesses. With arrogance you don’t even see your weaknesses.” – Eric Mangini
  9. Avoiding injury is essential…developing absolute/brute strength probably isn’t.
  10. In the long run, the coaches that are continually learning, developing and pushing themselves to become better at their jobs, will be the ones eventually leading the field and becoming the great coaches.


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