In-Season vs. Off-Season Training

A couple times in the last month or so I’ve been asked what we do different with our in-season training compared to our off-season training. The reality is, besides weekly volume (we typically lift 2x a week in-season and 3-4x a week in the off-season), we don’t do much different at all. Our big rocks in the off-season continue to be our big rocks in-season, and our big rocks don’t change very much at all across teams. We push things, we pull things, do hip and knee dom work no matter where we are on the calendar. We generally perform 3 sets in the off-season and do the exact same in-season.

Yes, in-season we may modify things based on sport, like more upper body pulling then pushing for 🏐 (2:1 pull to push ratio) or more hip extension/posterior chain work for 🏒, but our big rocks don’t change much at all — the movements we used to get stronger and healthy in the off-season are the same ones that will keep us strong and healthy during the season.

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