The Importance of Anti-Extension Core Work in Hockey

We do a lot of different things throughout the year to help maintain hip and groin health. Some of these things are smaller ‘prehab’ type things that we program as part of our warm ups, while others are training staples like anti-extension core work that we perform almost every time we lift. Movements like rollouts, body saws, front plank variations, fallouts, or my current new favorite, the foam roll body saw, go a long way in keeping hockey hips and groins healthy.

Our goal is to try to create balance ➡️ overworked/tight hip flexors can pull the pelvis into an anteriorly tipped position — by creating more stiffness through the anterior core with anti-extension core training we do the opposite, pulling the pelvis into a more superior position to try to counteract some of the demands of the sport.

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