Hurdle Jump Progression

Our standard Hurdle Jump Progression that we use, the same progression I was taught in my time at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning.

Nothing crazy, simply learning how the jump and land in proper positions, and then progressing from simple to more complex by adding gravity and/or more of a true plyometric.

  1. Box Jump 👉 Learn to land properly without gravity
  2. Hurdle Jump & Stick 👉 Learn to land properly with adding gravity and the added deceleration component into the equation
  3. Hurdle Jump with Mini-Bounce 👉 Add a small plyometric though the mini bounce to be more reactive to the ground
  4. Continuous Hurdle Jump 👉 Pure plyometric/power development

Well typically spend 3 weeks in each progression until we move on to the next ➡️ but we won’t move on to the next progression if the athlete isn’t ready.

Programming Advice: we stay at 3 sets of 5 jumps at each phase. Since each phase adds a level of intensity, we keep the volume the same throughout the progression.

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