Off-Season Work Capacity with Volleyball

Our Off-Season Day 3 (Friday) lift with volleyball, what I would call our ‘repetitive effort’ or ‘work capacity’ day, where the volume is high but the intensity is low, using both yielding isometric and eccentric strength work.

Since we have an older group this year that has a higher training age, we are experimenting with placing more traditional strength work one day (Monday), speed-strength/contrast/complex one day (Wednesday), and then a work capacity day (Friday) which you see here, all based off some of the work Anthony Donskov has been putting out.

✅ RFE Split Squat (Multi-Holds during last set)
✅ Bat Wings (Multi-Holds during last set)
✅ Eccentric Only Slideboard Leg Curl
✅ :5:5 Push Up (5 seconds down, 5 second hold)

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