Our Day 1 with Volleyball

Our Off-Season Day 1️⃣ (Monday) lift with volleyball is our strength day where we place a large emphasis on simply developing a stronger athlete and focusing on more concentric based work.

Since we have an older group this year that has a higher training age, we are experimenting with placing more traditional concentric based strength work one day  as you see here, speed-strength/contrast/complex on our second day (Wednesday), and then a work capacity day (Friday) where we use a combination of eccentric and yielding isometric work, all based off some of the work Anthony Donskov has been putting out.

✅ Pause Trap Bar Jump Squat

✅ Safety Bar Split Squat

✅ Dumbbell Row

✅ Sled March

✅ Push Up

✅ Core and Corrective Work Sprinkled In  

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