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Another week, another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into. Like every other week, there was a ton of content out there both in written form and through podcasts. Enjoy! Weekend Review


As always, there wasn’t a lack of good and quality content in the podcast world. I was able to listen to a lot of Charlie Weingroff’s thoughts on two different podcasts and I couldn’t recommend listening to him enough. The guy is a wealth of knowledge.

Iron Game Chalk Talk with Chris Grautski

D&D Fitness Radio with Charlie Weingroff

Strength Coach Podcast #251

CVASP with Dr. Nicole Surdyka

Iron Game Chalk Talk with Erik Schwager


Lot of good reads this week. I completely co-sign any type of eccentric work for the posterior chain and have been adding more and more of it with the athletes I work with – which means I really liked the article Dean Somerset wrote.

Favorite of the week was probably Mike Robertson’s article on training around and with lower back pain. As someone that suffers from lower back pain I can relate to a lot of what is written in the article and agree with a lot of these points/thoughts that Mike has brought up.

Changing Perceptions About the Fitness Professionals by Kevin Carr

7 Tips for Training Around Lower Back Pain by Mike Robertson

Eccentric Hamstring Loading for Strength, Hypertrophy and Injury Prevention by Dean Somerset

The Ultimate Booklist for Entrepreneurs by Mark Fisher

Instilling Practival Sport Science in a Team Setting by Devan McConnell

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🗣 Unpopular opinion ➡️ I don’t straight bar bench press 🏐 players. Ever. – . . Many volleyball players go through thousands of arm swings a year, something that may not be the most shoulder friendly thing in the world. Adding more stress to those shoulders by placing them in a fixed position with the straight bar that doesn’t allow the shoulders to move freely and ‘pins’ the scapula down, may do more damage then good. Also, there are so many other ways to train the movement pattern that are arguably more shoulder friendly. – . . Instead, we’ll Landmine Press. We perform a lot of push ups. We perform a lot of Bottoms Up Kettlebell work. We perform pressing movements that allow the scapula to move freely and through a full range of motion. – . . Like so many other exercises that we choose to perform or not perform, it’s a simple risk:reward scenario. The last thing we want is someone to get hurt as a result of their strength training program.

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