Keeping Hamstrings Healthy

Just like everyone else, we have our issues — but one thing we have had a lot of success with is keeping hamstring healthy. We have any very little, if any, hamstring issues with our court sports.

In my opinion, the key to keeping hamstrings healthy is training the hamstrings and glutes working together as one unit.

That is why you would never see us perform a machine seated Leg Curl. You won’t see us doing a lying Leg Curl on some machine.

Instead, we use a healthy dose of 1-Leg RDL’s (almost every week, year round). We sprint. We trap Bar deadlift. We perform our fair share of Slideboard Leg curls, both bilateral and unilateral versions. We push heavy sleds. We perform a lot of 1-Leg Bench Elevated Hip Lifts. We do things that get the posterior chain working together as a unit, not individual parts.

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