Why Trap Bar DL is Our Go-To Bilateral Lower Body Lift

“The point of lifting weights is to force stress into a movement pattern.” – Gray Cook

When it comes to heavy bilateral lower body strength training I am a much bigger fan of the trap bar deadlift as opposed to back squatting or front squatting for various reasons;

1️⃣Lower barrier of entry because less joints are involved when compared to squatting
2️⃣Zero spinal loading
3️⃣If you don’t use straps, you can’t out-train your grip which means you can’t out-train your stabilizers
4️⃣At the end of the day, strong is strong
5️⃣Hip hinging is arguably more sport specific then squatting
6️⃣People generally grasp the pattern quicker then squatting
7️⃣You can coach it to be more of a squat or more of a deadlift/hip hinge depending on what your goals are

Above and beyond all these potential reasons, I believe it is simply a safer movement for most people. Our goal is to never get hurt as a result of our off court/ice/field training. The trap bar allows us to train heavy in a bilateral stance and stress the movement pattern in a safer manner for most of the people we work with.

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