No Pain No Gain?

Like a lot of people I have some cranky shoulders. I sit too much, whether it’s driving, behind a computer or watching 📺. I also played years of hockey hunched over with poor posture.

Because of it I am still pretty locked up. I have some power thoracic spine rotation. I lack both shoulder internal and external rotation.

And every time I would Bench Press or Incline Press with a barbell my shoulders would be screaming at me for a week. Didn’t stop me though. I continued to do what I did and continued to be in pain because I thought you HAD to Bench Press.

A blessing in disguise was working with overhead athletes like volleyball and athletes that have shoulder issues like hockey. It forced me to learn more about shoulder, to dive deep into someone like Eric Cressey’s work.

Because of it I’ve adapted the way we train. In the last four years I’ve bench 🏐 a grand total of 0️⃣ times and we rarely bench 🏒 ➖all in favor of more shoulder friendly pressing. And we’ve had very little shoulder issues in those four years.

I finally took my on advice and changed the way I trained. Haven’t bench pressed in 2-3 years. I do things like 1-Arm Floor Presses 👆. I Landmine Press and ton. Plenty of loaded Push ups. Lots of DB Bench Press. I do more thoracic spine work (but not enough).

And I haven’t had any shoulder pain in 2-3 years.

Moral of story ➖ stop doing shit that causes pain. Muscle soreness following training is one thing, but joint pain isn’t normal ➖ it’s actually a signal from your body telling you to stop doing whatever it is that you are doing. And no matter what some might tell you, athlete or not, there are no exercise that are mandatory.

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