Dynamic Push:Pull

Here is a great Anti-Rotation core exercise that we admittedly don’t use nearly enough.

🗣 The goal of this exercise has much less to do with the pushing or pulling of the arms and everything to do with preventing any unwanted motion throughout the core while you are pushing and pulling.

Some coaching thoughts 💭

✅ Simultaneously explosively Push and pull while maintaining a stable core (zero motion through the core)
✅ Engage your glutes and core to help maintain rigidity

This is a much more ‘functional’ core movement when compared to crunches, sit ups or Russian Twists.

You can progress the movement from tall kneeling (on both knee) ➡️ 1/2 kneeling (1 knee down, 1 knee up) ➡️ Standing. We tend to keep things simple, starting at 6-8 reps per side and adding 2 reps a week until we get to 12 each side.

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