Our Go-To T-Spine Mobility Movements

T-Spine Mobility ➡️ everyone probably needs more of it and it’s probably really hard to have too much of it.

A little over a week ago I posted about how my upper body pressing had changed over the years due to having some cranky shoulders that just didn’t like some of the pressing I was doing and how I tend to have poor shoulder mobility.

After the post I had a lot of people reach out and ask what type of things I was doing to address the poor shoulder mobility❓Again, as I said in the previous post, this is where working with athletes that are more at risk for potential shoulder issues (🏐🏒) has helped me put a lot.

We start off by addressing soft tissue via the foam roller or lacrosse balls, attacking the upper back, posterior shoulder and pecs. At some point in our warm up we will almost always perform some t-spine work and/or floor and wall slides.

Beyond those, these are our current go-to thoracic spine mobility movements…

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