S&C Week in Review: 5/5

Just like every other Sunday, we have another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into. Like every other week, there was a ton of content out there both in written form and through podcasts. Enjoy!

Weekend Review


A lot of really good listens this week, but the one that stood out to me was the Physical Prep Podcast with Donnie Maib. For starters, the intro talk that Mike Robertson had was great – some really good stuff in that part alone. Donnie himself is a wealth of information that has been coaching for a long, long time.

Physical Prep with Donnie Maib

Physical Prep with Joel Smith

Iron Game Chalk Talk with Eric Krause

All Things Strength and Wellness with Zac Cupples


Some good reads this week, but I really liked the Stop Doing That and Start Doing This article that was written by various experts on T-Nation. It is a lot of really simple stuff, but if people started implementing one or two of these thoughts into their life they’d see a huge benefit.

Set Point Theory: Does Your Body Defend Against Fat Loss?

Stop Doing That, Start Doing This by T-Nation

Spotting a Snake Oil Salesman by Yunus Barisik

Subscapularis 101 by Eric Cressey

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Most Popular Instagram Post of the Week


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