Our Thought Process on Programming Med Ball Work

Had a really great question today about how we program med ball work. Like everything else, there is a logical thought process to what we do.

In the off-season it’s really simple ➡️everyone, no matter the sport, will perform throws, slams, tosses, shot puts and any other general med ball work. Our goal is to develop more power through various planes of motion, which any and every athlete can and will benefit from.

Things change a little bit in-season. With sports like basketball that don’t have an excessive rotational component to it, we’ll continue to perform the same med ball work that we did in the off-season.

With a sport like hockey, that performs a ton of powerful rotational movements at practice and in games when shooting and passing a puck, we eliminate most rotational med ball work it’s a bucket that is not just full, it’s overflowing. Instead, during the in-season period we focus more on non-rotational med ball work like slams and throws to try to ‘balance’ out things a little bit.

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