Sprinting > Everything Else?

🗣 I think we’ve had it backwards all along — speed improves everything else, not everything else improves speed. ➖ Devan McConnell

🗣 Sprinting under 95% is like trying to bang a crooked nail. If you only sprint at 85% you won’t get the injury inoculation and you won’t get any faster. ➖ Mike Young

A lot of talk about sprinting recently. For us, sprinting, and timing those sprints, consistently 1-2x a week has to be the biggest change I’ve made in our strength programs in the last 1-2 years. We simply perform 2-3 reps, 1-2 times per week. Both in-season and off-season. Zero hip flexor or hamstring issues. Lots of people slowly getting faster 💨 and actually hitting some true maximal work.

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