Why Deadbugs are a Staple in our Core Training

Are deadbugs simple and boring? Yup. But they are far from worthless for any athlete, but are even more beneficial in populations that find themselves stuck in an anterior pelvic tilt (🏒).in hockey populations that tend to find themselves stuck in an anterior pelvic tilt.

Besides pushing more posterior pelvic tilting, Deadbugs can go a long way in improving limbo-pelvic-hip stabilizers. Add a little diaphragmatic breathing and a really solid core exercise becomes an excellent core exercise.

We simply perform a couple (2-3) sets of 4-6 reps per leg at some point in the warm up or as a filler between sets of other “big rock” exercises. We like to perform the movement by starting with a big belly breath through the nose when the knees are up at 90 degrees, followed by a 5+ second exhale out the mouth as we extend the leg.

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