How I Implement Pressing Contrast Work with Overhead Athletes

Principles stay the same across groups, but the methods (exercises) change based off the needs of the sport.

Foe example, our pressing with volleyball is slightly different then other teams because of the potential shoulder related issues. A lot of other teams bench press, where volleyball performs more Landmine Presses, Push Ups and Bottoms Up KB Pressing then other teams do.

When it comes to our complex work, most teams will complex bench press with some type of med ball movement, typically a chest pass. Since volleyball doesn’t bench press it doesn’t mean we neglect complex work in our pressing pattern, we just change the method.

Here we are performing 3 sets of 5 reps per arm on the Landmine Press complexed with 10 reps of lying partner med ball chest passes. To make it even more shoulder friendly you could simply have the athlete perform the chest passes standing against a wall.

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