Benefits of Diaphragmatic (Belly) Breathing

“If breathing isn’t normalized no other movement pattern will be.” Karl Lewit Attack the low hanging fruit. Diaphragmatic breathing is probably the simplest thing we can perform in the weight room yet is constantly overlooked when it comes to changing and improving movement and performance. Respiration leads to better posture. Better posture leads to an … Continue reading Benefits of Diaphragmatic (Belly) Breathing

The Goal Of Strength Training

The goal is not lifting weights, lifting weights should help the goal, which is health and improved sport performance. Some things to consider; ✅Landing mechanics ✅Improving power across the force-velocity curve through med ball work and Olympic lifts/variations ✅Movement/strength in all three planes ✅General strength training ✅Both unilateral and bilateral strength work ✅Core training that … Continue reading The Goal Of Strength Training