S&C Week in Review: 6/2

Just like every other Sunday, we have another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into. Like every other week, there was a ton of content out there both in written form and through podcasts. Enjoy!


Weekend Review

Like most weeks there was a lot of good listening material. The Strength Coach Podcast is always good, as is the Pacey Performance Podcast and Iron Game Chalk Talk. But, this week I’d recommend listening to Connor Ryan on Mike Robertson’s podcast. Conner is currently a physical therapist with the Arizona Coyotes and a super smart guy.

Strength Coach Podcast #255

Physical Preparation Podcast with Connor Ryan

Pacey Performance Podcast #230 with Jon Goodwin

Iron Game Chalk Talk #309 with Matt Wan


Some articles this week that are a little off the beaten path but still extremely relevant to any strength/performance coaches. If I were direct you to just one, it would be the conditioning article by Erica Suter. You could replace the word soccer with almost any other sport and this article would still be relevant.

Why PE Should Be Required from Kindergarten to College by Robert Roy Britt

How to Condition Soccer Players Into Beasts by Erica Suter

When Your Most Motivated Employees Become Quiet by Brigette Hyacinth

When is it Safe for Children to Start Strength Training? by Heidi Mitchell

Top Tweet of the Week

Top Insta Post of the Week

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We make a lot of what I would consider larger changes in our programming with overhead athletes, all in the name of shoulder health. Big things like not bench pressing and not snatching. ▫️ . . But we also do some smaller things too, things that don’t even cross your mind until and athletes says something like ‘that sort of hurts my shoulder’ during a set of Side planks.▫️ . . Until that ‘that sort of hurts my shoulder’ statement I wouldn’t have thought twice about programming side planks for an overhead athlete, but we you realize that a side plank is jamming the shoulder into the socket in an awkward position, it sort of makes sense that the position might not be comfortable for people with potentially cranky shoulders. ▫️ . . Since then, we’ve started to program more Partner Bench Oblique Holds so that the shoulder doesn’t have to be a weight bearing joint. ▫️ . . When it comes to programming, we simply started with sets of 10-20 second holds per side. ▫️ . . To progress, you can being the arms overhead, add some weight (hug a 10-25lb plate), of Hold a weight straight out like you would in an Anti-Rotation Press.

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