Why I Prefer the Slideboard Lunge

I am a much bigger fan of the Slideboard/Slider lunge when compared to a traditional walking lunge.

  1. It is slightly more hip dominant which tends to be a little more friendly for people with knee issues (which seems like a lot of people these days).
  2. It seems to allow for a more explosive concentric portion to the movement, which can be important for athletes.
  3. It takes up very little space compared to a walking lunge ➖ you can almost do it anywhere.
  4. You can change the demands on the core depending on where you place the external load, goblet position or suitcase position.
  5. It’s probably a good progression before using a traditional walking lunge if that’s something you want to program because of the lack of deceleration with the Slideboard vs. lots of deceleration with the traditional lunge ➖ it allows people to build some tolerance before adding a much higher amount of eccentric stress 💪

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