5 Variations to Spice Up Your Ring Rows

Ring Rows are one of my favorite horizontal pulling movements and a staple in most all programs that I write. The problem with them is that they can get a little stale. Here are 5️⃣variations we use at different times of the year that make the movement a little challenging and move fun.

1️⃣Add eccentric lowering, something that we’ll use in the off-season.

2️⃣Add an isometric hold and eccentric lowering, again, something we’ll use in the off-season.

3️⃣Elevate your feet. We’ll use them whenever an athlete needs more of challenge, whether it is in-season or off-season.

4️⃣Add weight to the elevated variation. Again, something we’ll use any time of the year based on the athletes strength levels.

5️⃣Use it in a Contrast pairing. Pairing the movement with an Overhead Slam can add a more explosive and powerful component to the lift, something we’ll use both during the in-season and off-season.

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