Volleyball Training Tip Day 7: Push Ups as a Staple Pressing Movement

The Push Up is an absolute staple pressing movement for us, both during the in-season period and the off-season period. The movement has some benefits that far outweigh traditional pressing movements like Bench Pressing and Overhead Pressing with a barbell.

Anti-Extension Core: it’s free/extra anterior core stability work, as push ups are essentially a moving front plank.

Scapular Movement: we know the important of scapular upward rotation as it pertains to shoulder health. When performing a push up, the scapula is allowed to move freely on the rib cage, through a full range of motion, something it isn’t allowed to do when the shoulder blades are pinned on a bench when doing something like a bench press when bench pressing, the athletes body weight basically ‘pins’ the scapula in place and doesn’t allow for proper scapula movement, making push ups a much more shoulder friendly option.

Serratus Activation: full scap motion = serratus anterior activation. Serratus activation is important for all athletes but vitally important for throwing/hitting athletes like a volleyball player.

Probably some other reasons that I didn’t think of 🤔

And yes, Kennedi Smith is extremely strong 💪and needs more weight. 

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