Volleyball Training Tip Day 9: Get into the Frontal Plane

I think it’s imperative that athletes, especially volleyball players, train in the frontal plane. No matter the goal, whether it’s to improve athletic performance, reduce injury potential, or enhance movement quality, training in the frontal plane will help.

A few ways to incorporate frontal plane training into the program ⬇️

✅ From a power standpoint, Lateral Bounds are a great way to develop stability/eccentric strength to jump, but maybe more importantly landing in the frontal plane

✅ From a strength standpoint, a movement like a Lateral Squat develops more strength in the frontal plane while simultaneously improving hip mobility

✅ From a conditioning standpoint, adding Slideboard work, which targets the Groin/adductors in a unique way, allows you to condition in the frontal plane as well as keeping the athletes feet on the ground, something that is important when trying to minimize wear and tear on athletes that already perform a lot of jumping and landing

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