Volleyball Training Tip Day 10: Keeping Shoulders Healthy

“Scapular instability is found inadequate many as 68% of rotator cuff problems and 100% of shoulder instability problems. That means that two-thirds of rotator cuff problems and 100% of shoulder problems can be attributed to the weakness and/or dysfunction from scapular stabilizers. — Zach Dechant in Movement Over Maxes

What does this mean for a volleyball player looking to maintain shoulder health ❓

✅ Clearly an emphasis on training the scapular stabilizers to stabilize

✅ More upper body pulling then pressing. We typically perform more sets/reps of pulling movements then we do of pressing movements over the course of the training week

✅ Shoulder friendly pressing that allows the scap to move freely like push ups, Landmine presses and KB bottoms up presses.

✅ Emphasize rowing over vertical pulling (chin ups)

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