Volleyball Training Tip Day 11: Why We Sprint

I get a lot of questions asking why we sprint/perform Timed 10’s since sprinting isn’t really a part of the sport ❓

🗣 Speed develops the same CNS pathways as strength training in the weight room. Speed can build strength. Don’t discount speed training as a means to get stronger. — Zach Dechant

🗣 Sprinting is the most explosive exercise in the world. Nothing in the weight room moved at 10 meters per second. The most explosive lifts may move at 2 meters per second. I’m not telling people not to lift, but sprinting, in and of itself, builds functional strength that directly transfers to athleticism. — Tony Holler

Sprinting also potentiates jumping — you can develop bigger jumpers by simply sprinting.

✅ Get stronger & jump higher by a simple Timed 10. That’s why we sprint.

And this is the only sprinting video I have of volleyball, so enjoy watching this on a continuous loop 😂

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