Volleyball Training Tip Day 12: Programming Core Work

How do we program core work❓I get that questions all the time.

It’s really simple…we hit each core category one or more times per week.

1️⃣ Anti-Lateral Flexion 👉 Side Plank variations, etc

2️⃣ Anti-Extension 👉 Rollouts, body saws, dead bugs, etc

3️⃣ Anti-Rotation 👉 KB Drags, Plank Rows, etc

4️⃣ Loaded Carries 👉 Suitcase Carry, Farmers Carry, etc

As an example, if we are training two days a week (in-season), we’ll typically perform Anti-Extension and Anti-Lateral Flexion work on both days. In addition, we’ll perform some type of Loaded Carry on one day and an Anti-Rotation movement on the other day. That’ll give us three core exercises a day and each category ✔️off throughout the course of a week.

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