Slideboard for Conditioning in Volleyball?

Slideboard conditioning is pretty standard in the sport of hockey but relatively rare in other sports, though I’d argue it shouldn’t be. We use it with Volleyball, weekly, all off-season.

The slideboard offers a handful of benefits, like;

  1. Its standing. Volleyball is played standing, not sitting on something like a bike.
  2. Its performed it what looks like the general “athletic” position, with the knees bent and the hips flexed, a position you’ll a lot in volleyball.
  3. It gets athletes moving in the frontal (lateral) plane. The sport of volleyball requires to move laterally in an explosive manner. More frontal plane is a good thing.
  4. It works both the abductors and adductors in a functional manner. Progressive slideboard conditioning might go a long way in reducing groin injuries typically seen in pre-season camps.
  5. An athletes feet never leave the ground. In sports like volleyball that require large amounts of jumping/landing, being able to limit the amount of pounding placed on the joints of the lower body and lower back is always a good thing.
  6. Its not easy.

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