Trap Bar DL vs. Back Squat for Volleyball Athletes

When it comes to heavy bilateral lower body strength with volleyball, I am a much bigger fan of the Trap Bar then I am Back Squatting, for a handful of reasons.

  1. Lower barrier of entry because less joints are involved
  2. Zero spinal loading — volleyball players tend to have back issues, not loading the spine can help manage those issues better
  3. At the end of the day, strong is strong
  4. Athletes generally grasp the pattern much quicker
  5. Hip hinging = jumping, making it arguably more sport specific
  6. Volleyball players tend to have different amounts of shoulder external rotation and thus have a hard time getting both hands back and on the bar while keeping their low backs in a proper position when back squatting. Not in an issue with the Trap Bar
  7. Grip strength and shoulder health have a strong correlation. Gripping a heavy Trap Bar could potentially help with shoulder health

🤔 Probably some more, but that’s probably a decent amount of reasons.

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