Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

Here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts, cruising social media and any other continuing ed.


hello monday

  1. Simple beats complex in just about anything and everything. This includes strength training.
  2. Your habits will tell you how committed you are, what you’re focused on, what matters to you, and why you’re getting the results you’re getting. At first, creating a habit is unbearable; then it’s uncomfortable; if you stick with it and are consistent, it becomes unbreakable. – Justin Su’a (@justinsua on Twitter)
  3. As freshman students have started coming on to campus this summer/fall, it reminds me to take things slow with them and build the foundation that will develop better movers and lifters down the road. Master the pattern first, then add load.
  4. Another thought that took shape with athletes coming back to campus and being involved in pre-season camps. Less is more, especially this time of the year. A lot of people would be shocked with how little I do with teams when they are in their pre-season period. Teams come in for about 45 minutes. We spend 20-25 of those minutes performing tissue quality work, stretching, and all the other things that encompass a good warm up. Then we spend the remaining 20-25 minutes training. Simple things. Push, pull, legs, core, throw some med balls and carry some things. The goal is to do as much as necessary, not as much as possible.

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