Contrast Training With Volleyball Athletes

One of the biggest changes we’ve made to the strength program in the last year was adding constraint/complex both during the In-Season and Off-Season periods.

In-Season, the team will lift two days a week, Monday and Wednesday. Monday’s are typically more strength oriented, but on Wednesday we will perform contrast work for greater power output heading into the weekend of game play.

Some of our standard pairings👇

☑️ Hand Supported Split Squat 👉 Lateral Bound
☑️ Standing Landmine Press 👉 Partner Med Ball Chest Pass
☑️ Trap Bar Deadlift 👉 Seated Box Jump
☑️ Ring Row 👉 Med Ball Overhead Slam

By the way, if you are looking for a top notch off-season strength and conditioning program, check this out!

Everything you need to crush your off-season to dominate your in-season!

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