Volleyball Training Tip Day 21: Example Pre-Season Lift

“Do as much as necessary, not as much as possible.”

I’ve been getting a fair amount of DM’s about what one of our pre-season lifts looks like ➖and the answer is that it’s not anything overly exciting, just general and basics lifts. At this time of the year, with the high practice demands, we take a less is more approach to things.

⏰ Our sessions last around 45 minutes, around 20-25 of which are spent on tissue quality (foam roll, lax ball roll), stretching & warming up. The other 20-25 minutes are spent lifting.

What we did today 👇

✅ 2DB Jump Squat
✅ Goblet Split Squat
✅ Ring Row
✅ 1-Leg RDL
✅ Push Up

Sprinkle in some core work and shoulder health as well as some med ball throws/slams after the warm up and prior to the lift, and were done.

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