Sleds as a Strength Exercise?

I get asked A LOT why and when we program sled work. As for when, it’s pretty much year round. As for why; 👇

✔️1-Leg horizontal strength, which we really can’t replicate in any other way 

✔️Forces hip extension and forces the use of glutes and hamstrings as a unit, which most athletes could use more of

✔️User friendly and self-limiting ➡️it’s really hard to do wrong

✔️And most importantly, there is very little eccentric stress, causing very little soreness, making it an ideal movement In-Season.

Programming Advice: we program the movement as a hip extension movement. In the off-season you could place it on any day in the training week. In-Season we program it on day 2, the last lift before games because of the lack of eccentric stress and soreness. We will typically perform 3 sets of 5-10 steps with each leg 💪

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