How Do We Program Loaded Power Work With Volleyball?

I get a lot of questions that revolve around how we program our loaded/heavy implement power work and whether or not it’s different from other sports/athletes.

In short, yes, things are slightly different with athletes that have a higher potential for shoulder related injuries. Because of that, our power work, like everything else in the program, is extremely shoulder friendly.

We essentially only use four exercises when trying to develop power with heavier implements (basically not jumping and med ball work).

✔️ 2DB or Trap Bar Jump Squat

✔️ Landmine Split Jerk

✔️ Hang Clean

✔️ Kettlebell Swing

Most people will immediately notice that we don’t Snatch with a dumbbell or a bar. For us, it’s a simple risk:reward ➡️ and the ratio isn’t in our favor IMO and we get that ‘Overhead’ power work with the Landmine Split Jerk.▫️
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