Modified Cooper’s Test on the Assault Bike

Old video, but a standard and simple conditioning test we use with @unhwhockey that produces a ton of useful data and is always a crowd pleaser ➡️ a 6 minute time trial with the goal of going as far and as fast as you can but also at a consistent pace throughout the ride. The test is a measure of the aerobic system, a system that is extremely important for recovery between shifts, between periods, and from day to day.

What we get from the test👇

✅ An estimated anaerobic threshold based off of the heart rate during the ride. We take heart rates at the 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute, 4 minute, 5 minute and 6 minute marks and average those numbers to get an estimated anaerobic threshold.

✅ Max Aerobic Speed, which is simply the average speed throughout the course of the ride. This number will allow us to actually program appropriate speeds (RPM’s) for future conditioning sessions on the bike.

✅ 60 second heart rate recovery following the test to measure overall aerobic fitness. Once the 6 minutes is up, we simply sit on the bike for until minute 7 and track the drop in heart rate in that 60 second span. Ideally, an aerobically fit athlete will recover 30-35 beats or more in those 60 seconds.

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