Floor Press > Barbell Bench Press with Ice Hockey?

One of the small changes we’ve made this year with women’s hockey is using the Neutral Grip Floor Press as our primary pressing movement along with Landmine Press variations.

Couple reasons we’ve gone in this direction 👇

✔️ In general, the neutral Grip position is going to be more shoulder friendly more most people compared to a regular straight bar

✔️ The Floor Press limits the range of motion, helping us stay away from anterior glide of the shoulder, a position that will probably add some un-needed wear and tear on the shoulder

✔️ As you can see, the bar adds a slight stability component, which will place a higher demand on the rotator cuff to stabilize

✔️ We can still move a decent amount of load, get stronger, without the added stress on the shoulder

For athletes and a sport that tends to have their fair share of shoulder related issues, making minor changes and alterations to the program will allow us to continue to get stronger but in a safer manner. Seems like a no-brainer 🤷‍♂️

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