How We Keep Hockey Hips Healthy

Things we know about the hockey stride ➡️ it’s performed in a flexed hip position, with the hip abducting and externally rotating during the push off phase, causing the femoral head to slowly move forward in the hip capsule.

Because of this we see a lot of hockey players that deal with hip issues that could be fixed (or at least helped) by simply getting the femoral head to slightly slide posteriorly in the socket.

Therefore, with our stretching/mobility we are always trying to posteriorly mobilize the hip, instead of anteriorly mobilizing the hip and reinforcing a pattern or position that we want to get the players hips out of.

When it comes to keeping hips healthy, your off-season training is the most vital step in that process.

Thankfully, I have you covered. If you are looking for guidance with your off-season hockey training, check this out…everything done for you to get you feeling great and performing your best!

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