5-20-5 Density Circuit

The 5-20-5 rep scheme is something I picked up from Kevin Carr a while back and something I go back to from time to time when I’m looking for a quick but hard circuit or workout.

🔶 Pick two exercises to perform for 5 reps…these should be compound exercises, something you get a lot of bang for your buck 💵. I went with RFESS and DB Bench Press.

🔶 Also pick an exercise to perform for 20 reps…i usually going with one of three options, either Push Ups, KB Swings or Ring Rows like I did this time.

🔶 Pick a specific amount of time (usually only 20-30 minutes for me since I’ll finish with ~10 minutes of something on the Assault bike) and continually rotate from one exercise to the other.

Beyond that, I make sure to rest to a heart rate of 130 after each set before I move on to the next to make sure I am adequately recovered.

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