Random Thoughts: September Edition

Another month, another post full of random thoughts that have been going through my head. Hope it sparks a little thought in people and you enjoy!

  1. The most effective intervention for reducing pain is eliminating what is causing it. If an exercise hurts, it’s probably a good idea to stop doing it.
  2. Every program to enhance athleticism needs some sort of carry in it. – Stu McGill
  3. The body does not recognize percentages when training intensity is prescribed. It recognizes effort and perceived exertion. These variables may change daily. Use the former only as a guide when programming. – Brett Bartholomew
  4. Being positive doesn’t mean you walk around with rose colored glasses. It means you overcome the thorns. – Jon Gordon
  5. Though we are far from perfect and still have issues here and there, I think one of the biggest reasons we tend to have relatively healthy shoulders in a sport (hockey) that tends to have too many shoulder injuries is because we have made the chin up our number one upper body exercise. Building the posterior shoulder and upper back is lie armor for the shoulder.
  6. Don’t overthink plyo/jump work. Jump and land on both one and two legs. Jump and land in multiple planes. Jump and land in multiple planes both horizontally and vertically. Jump with intent, land quietly.
  7. Never compromise movement quality for strength.
  8. Always keep an open mind. You learn more from people who challenge your thought process than from those who affirm your current ideas.
  9. Good strength coaches improve power, speed, and strength. Great strength coaches improve people.
  10. Too many coaches make strength and conditioning much more complicated then it needs to be. Want to get fast? Sprint. What to get strong? Lift weights. Want to keep progressing? Lift different weights, at different speeds (isometric and eccentric work) at different times throughout the year.

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