Bridging Variations

Hockey Sock/Slideboard Leg Curls make up a pretty large portion of our lower body posterior chain training. Teaching the glutes and hamstrings to work together in extension of the hip as well as learning the difference between hip extension and lumbar extension is important for long term hamstring and low back health. 👇

The problem is that the standard Slideboard Leg Curl is hard to progress and can get a little boring from time to time.

Here are three Slideboard Leg Curl variations that we use from time to time.

  1. Eccentric Only ➡️ as a Progression before the standard Slideboard Leg Curl.
  2. 1-Leg Band Resisted Eccentric Only ➡️ as a Progression in to more single leg versions of the movement.
  3. 1 Out, 2 In ➡️ is another single leg progression but we have no added the concentric portion of the movement ➖but doing so on one leg is extremely hard.

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