Safe and Strong

As a coach, you should continually ask yourself one simple question; what is the best exercise(s) to SAFELY get the adaptation you are afert❓Whatever the answer is, you should do that👇

For our hockey population it’s simple ➡️ our lower body work revolves around Trap Bar Deadlift (keeps them out of deep bilateral hip flexion), bridging variations, pushing sleds, and various single leg🦵 exercises (1-Leg Squats, RFESS, 1-Leg RDL, Skater Squats, etc) while our upper body training revolves around heavy pulling (chin ups, ring rows, DB Rows, and shoulder friendly pressing movements (neutral Grip floor press, DB Bench variations, Landmine Press, Push Ups, etc).

It seems like an obvious statement, but teams win by having players healthy and available to play in games ➖ the last thing we need are players missing time due to training related injuries.

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