Eccentric Work In-Season?

Eccentric work in-season is generally thought of as a no-no because athletes will get sore, but when programmed intelligently we can eliminate most soreness. I think neglecting any sort of eccentric work over the course of an in-season period, especially when the in-season period last 6-7 months like hockey, is potentially leaving some performance on the table ➡️ we wouldn’t neglect eccentric work over a 6-7 month period in the off-season and I think the in-season period should be no different.

Couple things to think about; 👇

1. Perform the work early in the week (always Day 1 for us). We are obviously not looking to be sore, but if an athlete does become a little sore they still have a long ways until game day.

2. Perform legit eccentric work, but keep the reps and volume low. As an example, we perform 2-3 sets of 2 reps on RFESS. Yup, just 2 reps.

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